About Us


“Smoke Design” is an integrated “Branding Design Agency” based in the heart of Langho, Blackburn. We pride ourselves in delivering premium quality Web Design and Graphic Design solutions for a diverse range of clients. We have been associated with clients from all over the world, displaying a rich worldwide experience.

Smoke Design is born out of the desire to set the world, or at least the World Wide Web, on fire. Every day people surf the internet and sometimes, people need a specific look for a specific branding. A product’s image is everything, so yes, it is very important to have a smoking hot website to showcase the potential a product has. Also, news and social media need the right type of image if they want to be compelling, interesting and above all else, attractive. And with the development of mobile apps, it is very important to have a right iteration of your website adapted for the web. Smoke Design is the right choice for you to eventually have internet traffic and most importantly: STOP THE TRAFFIC.

We at Smoke Design believe in partnering with our clients to develop high end accessible and aesthetic branding that will help your business stand out from the crowd. By integration of creativity with emerging technology, we offer branding services that can be used as powerful business development tools. With a proven track record of delivering professional end-to-end solutions, our team of highly talented and trained professionals are ready to be of service.

Each of our team members are sworn into allegiance by using the adopted Latin phrase: Disce Prodesse: “Learn to be of Service”, this is part of an ethos of ours that invariably remains a common mantra throughout implementation of our projects.

Smoke Design’s name comes from the need to have a smoking look to every single page we create, design and publish.

Client satisfaction and work perfection makes us different

Why Choose Us

Smoke Design is the right choice for your website because we offer a catalogue of customizations, making sure your website is a magnet of viewers. Suddenly with a unique and amazing look, your traffic graph will be spiking. We believe a good term will be “smoking hot.” Not only that, but we can make your website translate to different languages, make connections to your accounts to you can receive payments, and customize newsletter to be launched whenever you need to be launched. If you need a product to be showcased in the web, you will have the help of search engine optimization. Smoke Design is the right option to make sure your digital marketing campaign is on point.

Also, your design can be so interactive that will keep your viewers engaged. They will want to visit every single page of your site.

Smoke Design works with e-commerce, which means doing transactions, buying and selling over the network. Our websites are prepared to handle safely and secure every type of customer/business to customer/business transaction and communication. Rely on us to set your business and webpage on fire. With the titan of e-commerce at its peak, we make sure your website is up to the task. We also work with WordPress to make sure every webpage we create is very easy to manage.

Want to firebrand your brand on the World Wide Web? Make sure Smoke Design helps you, and suddenly web development will be made simple.


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What Makes Us Different

“You aren’t advertising to a standing army; you are advertising to a moving parade”-David Ogilvy Instead of the conventional scenario of individual craftsman from designer to developer single-handedly creating a brand from beginning to end; our vision from inception was to create a company of giants with exceptional distinctive abilities in very specific areas of creativity.

With that in mind, we the founding fathers like to see ourselves as the connoisseurs of creative talent and through patience and vast networks at our disposal, we went in search for our team. Finally, with the comfort of wearing “Biohazard Suits” and after much scrutiny under laboratory conditions, we had a successful breakthrough with discovering our future team members.

Using our posteriors, we Directors were then able to begin moulding “Mount Rushmore” on the company’s creative couch. This meticulous process helps certify a narrative that exceptional service and ability is the only means for our clients to increase impact, in order to improve sales and help add equity value to their company in a competitive driven market.

Work steps at Smoke Design


Firstly, it is important to establish what is best for your business. At this stage we engage mostly in a brain storming session with both client and team concurrently.

We invite the idea of our clients speaking their minds. At the same time admire people who listen. A few key steps at this time would be the Design Brief, Meeting, Discovery and Proposal.


Design Intervention

This stage is the implementation of design by the team. We carefully breakdown and partition the design process into many parts. We then allocate segments to our team members.

The individuals within Smoke Design have been solely selected to be ready dedicated to that area of expertise, as this would be their extra special genius, we as a company had discovered in them. We then, just like a jigsaw puzzle, slot all the pieces together.

Inner EnlITenment

The development process is the coding element of the site. If the website design is the face of the clock or watch, website development would be the gears and parts behind it. Website development is the technical stuff that makes all the clicks and scrolls work on your site. The process of work here would be similar to that of the design implementation.


Design Reincarnation

The final stage is the completion process. We make priority our relationships with clients; test proofing and delivering the project only when the client is more than satisfied with the end result. It doesn’t end there either, we like to keep relations with our clients for the long run; seeing your success as our success. Leaving that indelible mark not only in digital presence but also in mind.

If you need any web & digital marketing service, don't hesitate to contact us!