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(Content Management System)

Web development is all about being connected. CMS (which stands for Content Management System) allows you to modify your content either by yourself or with the help of an extra hand.

Hopefully it will be Smoke Design. Here we support Web-based publishing, history and format management and editing, indexing and everything you need to manage your website. CMS is one of our many features, and thanks to it, it will be very easy to be part of the web development process.

CMS Web Development
Mobile Apps Development

Mobile Apps

Android & iPhone Apps

If your website needs a mobile app to go along with it, we can make it happen. We can create an app that suits your business and make sure you get it uploaded in the major retailers.

Expand your business, make sure it reaches every corner of the internet and also, every corner of the world and every hand that holds a smartphone.

Web Services

Application Programme Interface

For Web Services, we offer complete integration so your applications can connect with each other 100% accurately. Our developers know precisely what data format to use to make sure each of your customized website or application runs smoothly.

We use a range of data formats that are compatible with each other, which include XML, CSV, JSON, SOAP, AJAX, CULR, and REST among others to make sure the integration of data is complete.

Web Services Development
Web Services Development

Payment APIs

Online Payment APIs Integration Services

If you’re either selling or being a third party in every transaction, our web development skills allow your website to be compatible with Payment APIs like PayPal, Square, Strip, Skrill and others.

You won’t have to worry about your transaction going through securely and your site will never crash during checkout.

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